Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yes this is open for anyone to try.

Because we have gotten a number of emails from folks asking if they can join the art show - it seemed appropriate to re-iterate.

ANYONE can do a piece and then send it in (via email first). If it's good, we would be crazy not to accept it. Our goal is to let everyone that loves this movie get a chance to express that. This is not an elitist art show, so draw something and email us.

also a reminder -there are no hard rules on format/style. Do it your way - but make it clearly related to the film in some recognizable way.

It can be a simple sketch, or a finished illustration, a cereal box cover or a Matt painting with the giant staying with you at the cottage. Use your imagination and have fun.

the details (in full ) are here.


  1. Hey guys/gals - this is a REALLY fantastic idea and love what you're doing. I'll be submitting some artwork for sure!

    I also plugged your Art Show over on my blog if you'd like to check it out.

    Finally, I think you'll be VERY interested in this Iron Giant article over at the Wired Magazine website:

  2. thanks M.

    Looking forward to your piece.