Monday, August 10, 2009

Who, What, Where, When, Why & How


An art show - that pays tribute to the film Iron Giant and the creative folks behind it.


Iron Giant is a movie, that while having inspired many an animator, has never attained the box office success that it deserved. Further, this is a tribute to the artists/animators and creators behind Iron Giant.

As a bookshop that specializes in animation books -we often get asked, do you have The Art of Iron Giant. Sadly, the answer is - no such book exists. This art show will never be the Art of Iron Giant, but hopefully it will provide an outlet to show original sketches and illustrations featuring characters and themes in the film.


You. We've talked to a number of artists working in the animation industry already, who are interested in doing a piece, but what this blog is about, and what this show is about - is really reaching out to those of you out there that we haven't met yet.

Either you worked on the original film, or simply loved the film and would like to contribute a small piece of art showing your love of Iron Giant and the creative team behind it.


Sketches, Illustrations, traditional or digital. Imagine it any way you like - the only rule is that each piece must be recognizable as referencing the film Iron Giant (that includes any/all characters/locations/etc.)

We know you're busy, so that's one reason we are looking for smaller pieces. Ideally pieces should be on a surface no bigger than 8.5 by 11 inches (that's the size of a regular piece of paper.) If you work digitally, set up the file so it can be printed out with these dimensions in mind. Larger pieces will be accepted too - but we're asking for the smaller pieces with the hope that we can fit more pieces into the show.


The Iron Giant Project will take place in two spots. In person at our in store Gallery as well as on the web, here on this blog. The art show itself will be on Saturday Nov 7th.

The web portion of the show will go up on Nov 8th with the full line of all the images that make up the show. We hope to keep this up -for a long time. Each piece will list the artist along with a link to the artists website or blog if that person so desires. Leading to the show date, we will post a few images only as they come in - with the hope of inspiring more of you folks out there to contribute your own pieces.


The Deadline is October 20th. Seems like it's far off, but we urge you to consider starting as soon as you can. Time flies, and October 20th will be here before you know it.

Once you have finished your piece of art, we ask you to email us at: After we get that, we may ask you to send the original art in, or send a high res file. This will be on a case by case basis.

Again -some images will be posted on our blog BEFORE the show date, so this may be yours!

NOTE: while we may not post every image ahead of Nov 8th on this blog, we intend to include a link to each artist whose work is submitted and accepted into the show as soon as that happens. So please include your web links along with a jpeg of your work when you email us. If the images are traditional (pencil, pen, marker, paint) - you can either scan the image or take a photo of the image to send us.


Is there something we've missed?
Do you have any ideas/comments to help us make the most of this?

We welcome your thoughts.


  1. Have you thought about contacting Brad Bird to see if he would be interested in attending or supporting the show?

    I'm already on planning to be at the show but having Brad there would be an additional draw!

  2. Yes - we have thought about having Brad Bird up in Toronto for years. We are looking into it. If anyone out there knows Brad personally - please let us know.

  3. I will definitely do a piece and I know of a website that is just as good as if there was an art of book for the Iron Giant. For all the reference you will ever need on this amazing movie check out: This has just about every model sheet there is for that movie! I hope it helps!

  4. Thanks Josh. You are correct - there is a ton of stuff there. But it's still not a book. ha ha.

    I'll post the link actively on the main page -so people can get the reference for this project.

  5. Will these works be for sale?
    If so the proceeds go to??

  6. I agree it is no book, there is something great about an art of book. I love them!

  7. Wow! I am in love with this idea and will certainly contribute a piece of artwork. Just a stupendous idea - kudos!

  8. Woah. That'll be great! I like that movie. I'll think I'll send one.

  9. this sounds great! can't wait to get started

  10. This is a great opportunity for any starting artist, count me in!

  11. This is a great idea. wanted to do a fanart after ever since i watch that movie. Guess this is the time. :) i'm in!

  12. I wish I had learned about it sooner. :( Any chances for the same thing for the 20th anniversary? ;)

  13. I only found out about this today...any chance that we can still send something, just for publishing on the blog?